Why WingWave

The number 1 reason to choose WingWave coaching is to safe time in achieving what you need and want

If you are experiencing a challenging situation in life, coaching can help you deal with whatever comes your way effectively. It will prepare you to face challenges both in your professional and personal life and can help you change unfulfilling situations, strengthen your mental resilience, achieve work-life balance and deal with difficult people.

As a matter of fact, thousands of people have accessed their true talents and potential while working with a coach, as a coach will provide you with the tools required to successfully move a step ahead in life. Wingwave coaching is one of the many coaching methods used today, but unlike other methods it brings a lot more to the table!

What is Wingwave?

Wingwave is an emotional coaching method based on the latest findings of the brain, which helps you achieve considerable decrease in performance stresses immediately. This in turn leads to increased mental fitness, internal balance, creativity and conflict stability.

During a wingwave session, a coachee combines three different coaching elements to make your coaching session as efficient as possible:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming
  2. Bilateral Hemispherical Stimulation as used in EMDR in order to balance the brain
  3. Myostatic Muscle Testing in order to pinpoint the exact emotion, experience or circumstance that requires a coach’ intervention.

According to study, from an overall number of 897 wingwave coachees, more than 70% were able to achieve the coaching goal they desired within the first 1-3 sessions. For the majority of the clients the results lasted longer than 6 months! However, I will also give you some self-coaching tips, so that you can keep up the good results and improve even further without having to consult me again and again.

The Advantages of Wingwave

Wingwave is ideal for situations where you are experiencing negative emotions regarding future situations or stressful memories from the past. It can easily resolve mental blocks, allowing you to access your resources and capabilities whenever required.  As it does not require any emotional striptease, it is an ideal methodology for those people who don’t want to talk about their emotions or experiences in detail, yet are looking to improve their emotional wellbeing so they can move on in life, and do what they really want to do.

This coaching method works fast, and has a deep and lasting effect. After a session of wingwave coaching, you begin to feel:

  • More stress resistant
  • More powerful
  • More content
  • More resilient
  • More balanced

Areas of Application

Building Self Confidence

It helps you to build a strong ‘base of belief’. You begin to believe that you can succeed at anything that is put in front of you, and that there is nothing you cannot achieve. This in turn allows you to endure the most challenging of situations in life.

Regulating Stress

It regulates stress effectively and here we are talking about emotional stress as well as physical stress like pain, headaches and sleeplessness. Wingwave coaching helps you deal with stressful situations in any environment, such as team conflicts, insults, obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals, disappointments and incidents that affect your well-being.

Achieving Success

It builds a foundation for success by improving the way you visualize goals and strengthening your ‘inner team’ by learning how to utilize your existing resources. As a result, you have the mental preparation and confidence to deliver top performances every time!

What Next?

Wingwave is quickly becoming one of the most popular, and effective coaching methods in Europe, and Results Coaching is now offering it in Australia as well. If you are ready for the change you know you want, contact me now on 0452180759 for more information, or schedule a ‘get to know each other’ session with me absolutely free of charge!