Sports Performance Coaching

You have trained hard and have mastered the time, obstacles and focus required to become successful. However, the big day is coming closer, and you start to crumble inside. Self doubt creeps up, confidence is on its way out, and the result is far off than you actually expected. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Then it is time to get support from a person with years of coaching experience to make the most of your training and turn your efforts into results. To help you in this regard, Results Coaching offers sports performance coaching programs to help you maximize your athletic potential and achieve your sporting goals.

Whether you are an experienced golfer training for your next big tournament, or new to the world of bicycle racing in search for your first triumph, I can help you get the results you want by developing a program that is tailored according to you and your goals. With my help, you will be able to reach your best!

The Benefits of Sports Performance Coaching

By choosing the sports performance coaching programs offered by Results Coaching, you have the perfect opportunity to gain a range of benefits that ultimately lead to improved performance and better results:

  • Mental toughness
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased motivation
  • Better training
  • Getting into the best state possible before and during the event

How Do We Do This?

At Results Coaching, I take great pride in delivering our clients with what’s promised: better results! Are you wondering how? Through a combination of a variety of sports coaching techniques, and particularly through integrating the effective and well-known coaching method wingwave, I am able to understand your situation a lot clearer to:

  • Identify the appropriate performance, process and outcome goals
  • Identify and rectify issues that hold you back
  • Allow you to induce the best state possible before and during the event
  • Determine the processes required to achieve the desired outcome

I strive to establish a good and strong relationship between my customers, which helps me better understand you as an athlete. This does not only allow me to come up with a program that suits your needs appropriately, but also makes for a more enjoyable experience since we get to know each other better.

The Time is Now

Are you ready to take a step ahead towards reaching your goals? Then the time to act is now, not later! Results Coaching is here to help, so please contact me for more information or you can also schedule a free ‘get to know each other’ session with me, where I will answer all your questions and come up with a tailored program to help you achieve the results you have longed for. Call now at 0452180759, before your competitor wins.