Scared of flying?

No more need for that. Easy said you might think. And yes it is easy said with the experience I have when it comes to help people losing their fear of flying.boy and plane

See, i was one like you as well a while ago. The thought of having to board a flight gave me sleepless nights before the event even happened. Everything that possibly could go wrong went through my head. Again and again. All the statistics and well meant advice from friends did nothing because as much as statistics is a logic thing, fear is not. It is an emotion and therefor hard to change with logical explanation.

What does that mean for you and your fear of flying? First, it is important to acknowledge it and then take the relevant steps. It is important to find out which emotion(s) is/are jeopardising your enjoyment of flying in however thousand feet height and the ability to relax with a good movie and may be something to drink and eat. In order to do that there is a rather simple technique I am using which is called myostatic testing. Myo means muscle and static means stability, strength. What will come up during a session of the coaching into fear free flying – nobody knows. I can reassure you though that what ever it might be we can work with it and your muscles are holding the answer. They are responding to what you experience and and depending on that reply, I and you then know which emotion to work with. And very often it is completely different to the one you might be thinking of.

It could be the memory of a car accident of a loved one that hinders you to feel comfortable with flying, or it could be you having fallen out of a tree when you were younger or it could be….. as I said, we don’t know but can quickly find out. And that is the beauty about this new approach of coaching: It is fast and the results are long lasting. Because once we detect the underlying emotion to your stress and work on and with it, it is done. You can move on and – enjoy your next flight.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, you have nothing to lose, so give it a go. Call me now to find out more 0452180759. I love surprising people particularly the sceptics 🙂

Talk soon


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