Relaxed during the HSC preparations and exams

Imagine your child as relaxed as this beaver for their HSC preparation and exams…


I can hear a sigh and with it comes the thought, “how good would that be – not only for my child but for everyone else involved like parents, siblings, friends, even teachers….” I know it because I have been there myself – twice.

Have you ever wondered why some kids just cruise through exam preparations and others battle through sleepless nights and anxiety, often turning to medication, and when the exam finally comes they are completely blank despite all the work they have put in? This is due to unconscious limiting beliefs coupled with cemented emotions that shackle the student in what they are experiencing. It literally is a form of trauma.

The good news is, there is a way to make those beliefs conscious, move the attached emotions and help the student to be calm and find a more positive outlook with all that is involved in achieving a successful experience and result with the HSC.

The solution is called Neuro Emotional Coaching, former wingwave coaching, and is provided by me on a face-to-face basis. And the other good news is, it doesn’t take endless sessions with emotional striptease or much talking as I am taking a rather new approach to coaching which offers short term coaching for long term results. The outcome of my sessions is a student with more resilience, confidence and calm – 3 very important ingredients for a successful exam time.

Interested? To find out more give me a call for a chat about my work and what I can do to help you and/or your child through stressful times.

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