Fear free flight

According to statistics about 1 in 6 people suffers from a fear of flying and about half of those avoid flying consequently. And yes whilst that might be a solution for some for others, especially when flying is part of their business or job requirements, it is not an option. And that means pure stress. Often days ahead of an upcoming flight which results in sleeplessness, grumpiness, nervousness etc. The reasons for this fear have very varied reasons and reach from a fear of potentially going down with the plane, a general fear of heights, terrorist attacks or just simply the fear of losing control.

Knowing that flying is still the safest means of travel doesn’t help as most people would know and therefor they must and want to find another way of losing their fear. And that means looking into the emotional connection. In our limbic system, also know as the emotional brain, an emotional experience has been stored and that experience or the emotion linked to it gets triggered each time the thought of a flight or the flight itself is coming up. There is no way to control this but there is a way to pinpoint that emotion and move it out of the limbic system so it won’t get triggered again.

In my on-point-coaching approach I use a combination of techniques, consisting of EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), Kinesiology and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming)as well as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in order to find this exact emotion and eliminate it out of your limbic system, replacing it with a positive emotion and thus strengthening your system, helping you towards a relaxed and more pleasant flight experience.

And whilst this all sounds like a lot it actually is all condensed into a very simple process to give you fast results without having to lay bare your past life or go into any long lasting talks and processes. Actually, the less you talk the better. 🙂

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